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Push-N-Go Balance Bike

The Story

Back in 2006, balance bikes were very expensive (few were under £100), they were mainly made of wood and usually quite heavy - but as a concept, they're great at helping small children to learn to ride. Click here for more information on balance bikes.

In 2007 we started work on creating our own balance bike with 2 goals in mind. It needed to be light and cost a LOT less than the existing balance bikes.

In August 2007 the
Push-N-Go Balance Bike
was launched

Since then, balance bikes have become more popular, there are many more makes on the market and prices have dropped.

But many are still too heavy!!


Why Weight Matter?

1. Handling
The lighter the bike, the easier it is for your child to pick it up and move it around. It may sound like a small point but when learning to ride, children like to have the bike in the right position and point in the right direction. If they can easily move the bike around it gives them a lot of confidence.

2. Balance
It is much quicker to learn to balance on a lighter bike. It requires less work to push and recovering from a wobble is far easier. The heavier the bike, the quicker your child will get tired. When they're tired they're more likely to lose balance and knock their confidence.

Last and probably most important, when you're out and about and your child has suddenly had enough of bike riding and want to do something else, who ends up carrying it back home??? If it is heavy, then you will think twice about taking it in the first place!!

What our customers say about the Push-N-Go Balance Bike...

We receive a lot of feedback from our customers and lightness of the Push-N-Go Balance Bike is the most frequently mentioned benefit. Here is a selection of our customers comments:

" We wanted to tell you how delighted we are with the two Push N Go bikes we bought last month.

Our twin grandsons had their third birthday at the end of July and we felt they were ready for a balance bike each. Buying from the internet is not something we do easily as we really like to see a product before making a decision. But your friendly website which set out the advantages of a lightweight bike made us feel comfortable. We realised the light weight of the bikes was particularly important with twins as there will be circumstances when our daughter will have to lift and carry two bikes at a time. The fact that the bikes were made to your own design, didn't have all the painted 'go faster' flames of other makes and the reasonable price convinced us this would be the right thing to do. And so it proved.....

Yesterday, we were invited to watch the boys show off their new skills on the bikes. We were thrilled that they had mastered the skill in a couple of days and could now speed along with ease. It seemed to give them a new freedom. They lifted the bikes easily over kerbs and up and down hills and, when a little off balance, restored the balance without trouble. Currently, the saddle and handlebars are set at the lowest point giving them plenty of growing room. The red colour looked smart and, already, they have been admired by other people.

And at the end of an afternoon's biking when small boys were more occupied munching on a treat, the bikes were lifted by an accompanying grandfather and carried home with no difficulty at all. Satisfaction all round! "
- David and Hilary, Lewis

"Exellent product bigger than I thought my nephew have to grow into it but he happy to push it around for now he even picks it up to is chest it so light he is only 16 months old bless him would recomend to any one" - Patrick, Hull

"I am very pleased with this little bike bought for my 3 year old grandson, but my 8 year old also had great fun in the park with it. It is light and sturdy and looks good too. A very good product." - Patricia, London

"I thought the build quality was good, it was simple to put together and the lightness of it is very impressive. " - Selena, Farnham

"My son Jack is only 2 years old and was riding it in a matter of minutes! He's thrilled with it and is never off the bike. Jack finds it very easy to manoeuvre and it's so light he can carry it up steps himself. The Push-N-Go is without doubt the best thing he's ever had!" - Corina Jones, Chesterfield

"Excellent next day delivery and easy to assemble, lovely colour bike and my little boy loves it!" - Santina, Neath

Our Offer

Normally the Push-N-Go bike costs £49.99 each but for a limited period we are offering it at just £34.99, thats £15 off!

If you want a Push-N-Go bike for your child then order one today to ensure you don't miss out on this excellent offer.

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