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The Balance Bike Explained and All Your Questions Answered

What is a balance bike?
A balance bike (also known as the run bike, runner bike, training bike, scoot bike, no-pedal bike, pedel-less bike and walking bike) is a special training bike that teaches the rider to balance and steer. It has no pedals, no chain, and no training wheels / no stabilizers. They are available with or without brakes, bells, mud guards and many other accessories.
kids bike learn to ride no stabilizers no training wheels
How do they work?
The rider must be big enough to put their feet comfortably on the ground and walk the bike forward whilst sitting on the saddle. Most have an adjustable saddle.
There are several stages a rider must go through to learn to balance and steer.

  • 1. Walk the bike whilst sitting on the saddle
  • 2. Run or Scoot the bike whilst sitting on the saddle
  • 3. Lift feet off the ground and cruise whilst balancing
The rider first learns to balance and steer. Once this is achieved, learning to pedal as well is easy. In contrast, a normal bike fitted with training wheels/stabilizers teaches the rider to pedal first and balance last.
What age group are they for?
The most common balance bikes are for children between about 2 and 6 years of age although they do exist for other age groups.
Children as young a 2 year old can cruise a balance bike within a few hours.
How long have they been around?
They have been around for quite some time although have only become more popular in recent years. Initially there was a small choice and they were very expensive but now there are many different makes on the market and prices have come down to more reasonable levels.
Which balance bike should I buy?
It is important to find one that it is very light and has little or no accessories.
Weight - it should not weigh more than 3kgs so that the rider can pick it up easily (even aged 2). A light bike is also easier to balance.
Accessories - everyone has a different opinion on this but I believe that all accessories act as a distraction. Brakes are not needed when learning to ride as is it correct to teach a rider to put their feet down to regain control (even as an experienced rider, what do you do when you totally lose balance - put your feet down). Other accessories such as bells and bags distract the rider from learning to balance.
Where can I buy one?
They are now available from many bike retailers and websites but be careful. Some are too heavy and many are far too expensive. We have developed our own balance bike that meets the above requirements and is competitively priced.